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This tool will generate a bind that cycles between the lines of text you enter.

Each time you press the button you bind this to, the next line of text will be written to global chat.
The cycle will restart once the last line of text is reached.

This should work for all games based on the source engine –> CS:GO, CSS, TF2, etc…


Name of bind

Key to bind to



Enter the text you want to bind here…
Name of bind:
What you want to call your bind… Don’t use spaces/special characters or reserved words! (explanation below)
Key to bind to:
The key you want to use to activate your bind… You can enter keys like “i” or “^”, but also “kp_uparrow” and other key-names
Press this button when you’re done configuring the bind…
The bind will be generated into this text box. Just paste it’s content into your autoexec.cfg file (there are great tutorials for this on the steam forums), or copy it into the console (You might need to enter it into the console line by line, which is why I prefer the autoexec.cfg method!)


Avoid using reserved words like “alias” or “bind” as the bind’s name! They could
prevent the bind from working correctly!
You should also be carefull with semicolons (“;”). It can make the game treat your text as commands. An example of what not to do would be adding “;unbind w” to the end of a line –> The game will think it’s a command and unbind your “w” key…

Thank you for using this tool!

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