Steam Level XP and Cost Calculator

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This tool can be used to estimate the cost of leveling up your steam account to a specific level. It will also display the amount of XP you will need to reach this level and let you adjust parameters like the average cost of a card.

The results of the calculation will be updated immediately after any change to the input/option fields. If you any need help regarding these values, please read the description at the bottom of the page!

Steam Level Calculator

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Enter your current level and the level you want to reach.

These options can be used to adjust this tool to the current cost of cards on the steam market. I cannot guarantee that the default values will always produce accurate results (But they are quite accurate for levels below 100). There are lots of cheap cards for about 0.05$ each, so you can use them to cheaply level up until a certain point. Once you have used most of these, you will have to buy more expensive cards and the average cost will increase. These values are strongly dependent on your current level and the prices on the steam market, which determine the total cost of leveling up. You can experiment with these values or leave them at the default, but be aware that they are critical to the final result and the defaults may not always produce the most accurate results.

The results of the calculation will be displayed in this section: Amount of XP, number of batches needing to be crafted and the cost of buying the total number of cards.

Although the calculated amount of XP should be correct, I can not guarantee that the resulting cost will be accurate, as prices on the steam market vary and you can’t always buy the cheapest cards (e.g. if already crafted all cheap badges).
I provide this tool as a way to estimate the cost of leveling up, and while I tested it to be reasonably accurate (+/- 10%), I will not take any responsibility for inaccuracies and resulting damages!

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